Creating your membership

To get started with your free trial you will need to pick the type of membership you want to sign up for (can be changed later). This is done by going to our website and clicking ‘PRICING’ or ‘TRY IT FREE’ in the upper menu:



Picking the membership #

Now you can pick the type of membership you want to sign up for. This is done by clicking the ‘SIGN UP’ button of the membership you want:


Creating your account #

Now you are ready to create your account. Start by entering your e-mail address and click ‘Send verification code’:

We will send you an email with the verification code. If you have not received it, please check your spam filter. Copy the verification code:



And paste it in the field for the verification code. Now click ‘Verify code’:


When your e-mail address is verified you can enter the rest of your information and click create:

Now you have created your account. 


Creating your membership #

When the account has been created you are automatically taken to the flow that creates your membership:

In order to apply the correct VAT, we need to know your country of residence.


You can review the membership fee by clicking it before you activate your membership:


In our article How to add payment methods, you can read more about how you add your payment details if you can keep your membership active after the trial.


If the flow to create the membership was abrupted, then you can finish the creation of the membership by reading this article

How to continue your membership after the trial #

Before the trial ends #

If you add a valid payment method before the trial ends your membership will automatically be kept active when the trial ends. You can read more about how to add your preferred payment method here. If you want to change to another type of membership before the trial ends you can read this guide.

After the trial ended #


Your membership is automatically canceled if you do not add a payment method. If you want to continue your membership after a cancelation, you will need to renew the membership. You can read more about how to renew your membership here. To change the membership when you renew please follow this guide