Using Open Road with another app such as Xert, Trainerroad or Zwift

If you want to run Open Road together with another app, you have two options. Either you run both apps on the same computer, or you run them on separate devices.


Running both apps on the same device/computer #

For this setup, you will need a more powerful PC since the hardware drives two applications instead of one. Since ANT+ sticks are ‘monogamous’, you will also need two sticks, one for each application.

Running each app on their own device/computer #

For this setup, you need a PC with an ANT+ stick to run Open Road and a second device to running the second app.


By running the apps on separate devices, the apps do not have to share the same hardware and the performance is better. Plus, you will get two screens.

How to configure two apps with your trainer #

The way you pair and set up your trainer depends on whether you are using a smart trainer or a power meter as the source of speed.


Using a smart trainer #

If you have a smart trainer, you will have to decide about which app should control the brake of your smart trainer. That app will be the ‘master’, the second app should then be the ‘slave’. The slave just ‘listens’ to the power output and sets the speed accordingly. Smart trainers are normally making two profiles available: 

  • Smart trainer (FE-C) profile

  • Power profile. 


When you pair the master with your trainer, you pick the smart trainer (FE-C) profile and when you pair the slave, you should make sure you pair with the power profile of the trainer. 


Using a power meter #


If you use a power meter with a trainer, both apps are slaves and you are the master, setting the brake resistance. That means when you set up both apps, you pair them both with the power profile of your power meter.