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Some antivirus programs do not like Open Road

Why do some antiviruses not like Open Road? #

Open Road automatically installs the prerequisites needed during the installation. Every time you are using Open Road, it checks for updates. If there is an update available it is downloaded in the background. Next time you use Open Road you will use the newest version.

To some unintelligent antiviruses, it is a problem that Open Road downloads prerequisites and updates. These antiviruses simply cannot distinguish between friendly software and malware. To be on the safe side, they prevent any download. When an antivirus program prevents Open Road from downloading, it means it cannot download prerequisites or updates.

What to do about it #

Add Open Road to the safe list #

Some antiviruses allow you to add a program to the safelist. This means the antivirus program will let that specific program do its job without interfering.

Turn the antivirus of during installation #

If you have an antivirus program on your computer, you have the option to turn it off while you are installing Open Road. Once Open Road is installed, you can turn it on again and add Open Road to the antivirus’ safe or exception list. 

Contact us with the name of the antivirus #

Do now hesitate to contact us with the name of the antivirus program and we will contact the company to have Open Road permanently added to their whitelist.

Install the prerequisites yourself #

Another option is that you install the prerequisites yourself. One needs the LAV filter and the 2013 C++ Redistributable x86 to make Open Road work:

The LAV filter is one of the most popular video filters available and can be downloaded from here.

The 2013 C++ Redistributable x86 is pre-installed on most PCs, but sometimes, it is not. If the C++ Redistributable isn’t already installed, you can download it from here.

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