Reviewing and saving your training data

Saving your training data #

At the end of your ride, Open Road will display a detailed overview of your training data:

When you click on the ‘Main menu’ button you will automatically synchronize the overview of your training data with your training log: 

You can always review your training session in the training log, which is available from the main menu. If you do not want to synchronize your training data with the training log, you can uncheck ‘Training Log’ before you click the main menu button:

Your training data is also available in a training file (FIT file). Besides the general training data (Time elapsed, distance, FTP, etc.), the file also contains detailed data of every second of the ride. The file is saved to the Documents folder of your hard drive but is not synchronized with the training log.

Upload training data manually to any training site #

You can upload the generated FIT file to any training site you like. You can read more about how the FIT file is generated in our article Creating a FIT file to upload.

Upload training data automatically to Strava #

It is very easy to automatically upload your training data to Strava. You can read more in our article Upload to Strava automatically.