Short cuts

Taking photos during the ride

Click the ‘p’ key to take a photo during the ride. Read more about this functionality here.


Controlling the screen mode

Click the Escape key to exit full-screen mode. Click the Alt + Return keys simultaneously to return to full-screen mode.


Controlling virtual gearing

When using a smart trainer you can use the plus and minus keys to control the virtual gearing during the ride. The plus key picks a higher gearing and makes pedaling more difficult. The minus key picks a smaller gear and makes pedaling easier.


Controlling difficulty

If you are doing a power ride, you can change the difficulty during the ride. If you click the +’ key you will make it more difficult and clicking the ’ key will make it easier. To use this functionality, it needs to be turned on in ‘General Settings’. 


Controlling speed

In the manual mode, you are controlling the speed manually. You click + to increase the speed and to decrease the speed.