Everybody Is Invited

We want everybody to be able to bike the world. All those epic world-class rides are simply too good not to be shared. This is why ‘Open Road’ is designed so that everybody can join our community and bike the world.

User friendly software

‘Open Road’ is designed to be simple and user-friendly. We run user tests on different user and age groups to make sure that our software is easy to use for everyone.

Works on most PCs

‘Open Road’ is designed to run on most PCs. By making it possible to download our cycling routes in DVD, HD and Full HD and various qualities, we have not only made it possible to run ‘Open Road’ on PCs with small hard drives. We have also made it possible to run on PCs with slow CPUs. Having an older PC will not stop you from using ‘Open Road’. 

Works with all turbo trainers and indoor bikes​

Due to the way ‘Open Road’ is designed you can ride our stunning videos at your own speed no matter which trainer you are using. So whether you have the newest smart trainer or an old manual spinning bike, we got you covered.

Adjust difficulty to accommodate your fitness

If you find a ride too hard or easy, you can adjust the difficulty before or during your ride, so the ride is adjusted precisely to your fitness level.

Same speed across trainers

All trainers are different, this is why we have introduced ‘virtual speed’, so all results can be compared across trainers (ANT+ FE-C and Power only). This means no matter whether you have the newest smart trainer or train on an old manual turbo trainer with a power meter the results are comparable.

Helpful support

Our support is always ready to help you to get started or answer your questions. We do not leave you stranded. You don’t have to be a technical wizard to bike the world.

Everybody can afford to bike the world

We want everybody to be able to bike the world. This is why our membership is priced so everybody can join. There is no longer an excuse not to get fit the epic way.