It Is All About the Ride

When we designed ‘Open Road’ we wanted to rethink indoor cycling. So we asked ourselves: “What is cycling about?” We came up with the simple answer “It is all about the ride”. That is why ‘Open Road’ is designed to be all about the ride, designed to give you the best and most realistic indoor riding experience possible.  

Cinematic film quality

To move the boundaries for realism in indoor cycling we send out a professional crew to handpicked locations. They know how to work with professional equipment and how to create stunning cycling videos for serious athletes.

Big Screen Cycling

Our videos are filmed for big screens to give you the perfect immersive cycling experience indoors.

Only handpicked rides

We only want you to ride the best. All rides are handpicked and curated to give you the best indoor cycling experience and not waste your time on boring and mediocre rides

Panoramic cycling experience

Our videos are filmed so you can enjoy the stunning scenery and landscapes in the best possible way. Our user interface is meticulously designed so you can enjoy the scenery and still keep an eye on your training data. 

Super smooth videos

No more dizziness when you ride. We use professional equipment to make sure you can get a super smooth ride.

Filmed from the riders persepctive

It is of utmost importance for us that our videos reflect a real cycling experience. We film all our rides from the rider’s perspective and never use cameras on handlebars

Real speed experience

‘Open Road’ calculates your real cycling speed based on your power output. No matter if you climb, descent or ride a flat segment the speed is real.

Second to none

We strive every day to be second to none and offer the best cycling videos in the world. But don’t take our word for it. Our cycling community tells us again and again that our cycling videos are the best there is.

Detailed description of every ride

All routes have a detailed description so you can learn about the route and its cycling history.