Bluetooth connectivity problems

In case you have problems connecting to your Bluetooth devices, please read the text below or get in touch and we will try to help you.


Bluetooth can only connect to one device

If you previously have used ANT+ you will probably be surprised to learn that a Bluetooth device can only broadcast to one device. Because Bluetooth can only connect to one device at a time, you must ensure your Bluetooth device is not connected to another app. If you have connected your Bluetooth device to another app, then it may not be available for pairing with Open Road.


Other Bluetooth devices can create interference

Other Bluetooth devices can create interference, therefore it can be necessary to remove unneeded Bluetooth devices like headphones, speakers, or phones.


The slope does not seem realistic

Depending on the implementation of Bluetooth on your trainer the simulation of the slope may be off compared to what is realistic. That is because some device manufacturers do not take the weight of the rider into account when calculating the resistance of the slope. In such cases, we recommend adjusting the virtual gearing, so the ride becomes more realistic. Or to switch to ANT+. ANT+ is by default sending the weight of the rider and bike to the trainer.


I experience drop-outs

If you are using an older PC, the Bluetooth chip may be outdated. In such a case we recommend switching to ANT+. It can also be that you have interference from other Bluetooth devices such as headphones, speakers, or phones.


Drop-outs can also be caused by devices placed too far away from the device running Open Road.


My device cannot be found

If your Bluetooth devices cannot be found, then make sure that your device supports an open Bluetooth standard. Some older smart trainers (pre-2000) do not support the fitness machine (FTMS) standard. Many of these trainers are using proprietary standards. To fully understand which Bluetooth devices are supported, please read the following article

Because Bluetooth can only connect to one device, make sure that your Bluetooth device isn’t already connected to another device. This includes the Windows operation system, which also can pair and connect to your Bluetooth device.


Low battery

A low battery in a device can create connectivity problems. Not only can you have a problem connecting to the device, but your device could also send ‘weird’ data. To avoid these problems, make sure that the battery level in your device is medium to high.


Are the devices turned on?

Please make sure all devices are activated, have a working battery, and are turned on. Most trainers have an LED light which shows that it is ready to communicate. Some trainers run on the power generated by the rider. If you have one of those, please make sure that it has been activated when you are paring.


Try to search multiple times

Sometimes you need to reset the search and start again. This will most often make it possible to find your devices.