How do you change the difficulty/virtual gearing?

To give you more options, we have implemented virtual gearing. Virtual gearing works like real gearing. That means if you find a ride is too difficult, you always have the option to change to lower gearing. Or if it is too easy, you can change to higher gearing.

You have the option to change the virtual gearing before the ride, or during the ride. Before the ride, you simply click ‘Virtual Gearing’:

Now you can adjust how you want your gearing on ascents and descents. Many would like it to be easier on ascents, and more difficult on descents. And that is possible with Open Road’s virtual gearing:

To change the virtual gearing/difficulty during the ride, you click on the minus or plus key, and that too makes the ride easier or more difficult.

The speed (virtual)  is based on your watt output and will not be affected by the virtual gearing. In other words: you still have to put in the same effort into completing the ride, but with virtual gearing, you have the option of making it through steeper sections by changing to virtual gears your bike does not have.