Training data is wrong

If you are experiencing data such as cadence, watt, speed, and heart rate is wrong, it could be an issue with your device or the wireless connection. It is rarely Open Road itself that causes this problem. In fact, all Open Road does is displaying the data it gets from your devices. So if the data displayed by Open Road is wrong, chances are that the data has been corrupted before Open Road receives them.


To understand where the problem is located you will need to check that the data from your devices are correct. Make sure batteries are not running low and check with another app if the problem persists. Sometimes, the manufacturer has a companion app that can display the data from your device. If the problem persists with another app, please connect the manufacturer directly. 

Secondly, you need to make sure that the wrong data is not caused by a connectivity issue. Often devices are placed too far away from the ANT+ stick receiving the data. You can read more about connectivity issues in this article.