Download is slow or interrupted


If your internet service provider is sharing the capacity with multiple users, you can experience slower downloads during peak hours. Some internet service providers will close big downloads to spare their capacity. If this happens, Open Road will automatically try to restart the download for you. 


If you cannot download at all, you could have security software installed, that prohibits downloads. Work PCs often have very strict security level and does not allow downloads or installations. 


Some internet service providers throttle (slow down) the internet connection to save money. The easiest way to avoid throttling is to use VPN software. We will gladly help you set up the VPN software if needed. You can read more about throttling here and hereIf your internet service provider is throttling your internet connection, you could also consider changing your provider.


The equipment you are using can also cause slow downloads. If your Wi-Fi signal is weak, or your computer is far away from your Wi-Fi router, you can experience a slow download. Using an ethernet cable or placing the computer closer to the Wi-Fi router will help. 


It should take about 6 minutes to download a ride such as Alpe d’Huez at the default setting.